EW Journal

This journal contains posts chronicling further experiences in ongoing energywork with the Earth. The Shards is the base document, this journal a way to enlarge it.

I especially encourage those of you doing related work to connect by emailing me (see Contact). The community of Earth workers tends to be hidden because the work tends to be solitary — not to mention (far) beyond mainstream norms. But I know you’re out there.

From time to time I also may publish posts about other contemporary issues from an energetic perspective. Nothing is really too far afield. It’s all connected. It’s all Earth work.

New instructions (7/24/2011)

Further instructions (7/25/2011)

Realignment…and paradox (8/8/2011)

September 11…and December 25 (12/26/2011)

The call to Earth work (2/15/2012)

The golden gate (6/29/2015)

Dino (7/28/2015)

Loops and spirals (8/25/2015)

Prayers for the Earth (7/20/20)

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