All My Relations

My energy work with land and the Earth involves communicating with many lifeforms, not all of them in the 3rd dimension. This interspecies communication has born fruit over and over, and I’ve come to trust it, indeed to relish it. I have no need to analyze it — a good thing because I have no idea how I’d go about that. If you believe, as I have come to, that everything is alive and we are all connected, what could be more natural?

In mainstream culture, interspecies communication has come out of the closet and is even the province of scientific study — see, for instance, The Kerulos Center. The focus tends to be on humans and our companion animals (for example, cats, dogs, horses, parrots) or animals we perceive as closely related to us or, by human standards, intelligent (chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, whales). But what about communication between humans and other orders of lifeforms: a wasp, a tree, a stone, a virus? And what about beyond the 3rd dimension?

I offer here some of my experiences with interspecies communication and connection.

Amazing Grace: a spider’s story

Feline IMing

Animal dreams

The lives of stones

On lineage

The balm of compassion

A new ally: Little Deer

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