I’ve been a communications professional since the late 1970s. At Oregon State University and as a freelancer in Oregon and Hawai’i, I’ve edited scientific and technical articles, books chapters, whole books, and special reports, principally in the natural sciences. I’ve also written articles and a book chapter about communications, website text, grant proposals and newsletters for nonprofits, short stories, and poems.

The Fine Art of Technical Writing, originally published in 1991, is now available in an updated print edition and as an e-book on In 2010 I formalized Em Dash as a communications brand.

Beginning in the late 1990s and intensifying after 9/11/2001, I’ve worked intuitively with the Earth. In 2006, I founded The Land Work, a unique shamanic practice-service offering energetic assessment and clearing of homes, businesses, acreage, and public space. Planetary changes are chronicled in The Shards, a set of interlinked, experience-based stories; further developments in my Earth Work are posted in EW Journal.

In 2015, I placed Em Dash and The Land Work under the conceptual umbrella For A Clearer World. Both are communications work whose ultimate goal is clarity. And the clearer things are, the better positioned we are to take right action. Eventually this brand may have its own website.

I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area and am available to work on site or remotely as an editor, writer, writing mentor, or land whisperer. To find out more about any of my services or to hire me, please contact me.

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