Technology links more and more people around the planet in the phenomenon we call social networking. But what among this tsunami of data is signal — real information — and what is noise? And where there’s signal, how well does it communicate?

I am a wordsmith and an energyworker, two seemingly disparate realms that share a common purpose: to illuminate. Each realm requires careful listening, a good feel for pattern, and sensitivity to flows. What’s lost in translation is found when words harmonize to mean something. And poison turns to medicine when old energy patterns are transmuted.

I offer here information about practices, my two books (The Fine Art of Technical Writing and Land Whisperer | A Guide to Partnering Energetically with Any Environment), work in progress (book-length documents), and a diverse cache of stories in the hope of upping the signal-to-noise ratio just a hair. This is my way of social networking, of placing a hand on the virtual cave wall.

Carol Rosenblum Perry
writer | editor | land whisperer | Earth worker

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