The Shards


The Shards is a set of interlinked stories drawn from detailed journaling about my Earth Work — that is, my energywork with the planet. The stories also are informed by others’ teachings, included as links.

These are my unembellished experiences. I make no pronouncements based upon them — larger evolutionary patterns,  shaped by myriad interacting variables whose nonlinearity doesn’t lend itself to prediction, are at play. To the degree humanly possible, there is no underlying dogma.

The linkages among these stories suggest a larger story that continues to evolve. The Shards is a series of “snapshots,” pieces of a great and mysterious puzzle — shards in and of themselves, though (as you’ll discover) “shards” has another, more personal level of meaning within the transpersonal framework.

This work is dedicated to the Deep Ancestors and all those who re-dream the Earth.

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“We have two lineages: the blood lineage of our ancestors and the spiritual lineage of spiritual teachers.” — Caitlín Matthews, Singing the Soul Back Home

What story do you live when the two lineages converge?

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The Twelve Realms
The Deep Ancestors
A Double-Journey: Meeting with the Deep Ancestors —
and a Surprise Guest
Power Stations and Gates
Water Speaks…with Authority!
A Trip to Mauna Kea, a Startling Experience —
and a Key Understanding

copyright © 2011 Carol Rosenblum Perry

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Ha’ina mai ana ka puana
Let the story be told

Traditional refrain in Hawaiian songs and chants

I live in a small house on an acre and a third in North Kohala, rural northwestern Hawai’i Island. The ocean is a 15-minute walk down a dirt road dissecting rolling pastureland dotted with cows and shrubby copses harboring mongoose and wild pig. The coastal zone is a mosaic of ironwoods, senescing hala groves, and the occasional date palm. This is not the Hawai’i of Waikiki, of white sand beaches and gently swaying palms; here are stony beaches, windswept cliffs, rough waters with dangerous currents.

The remains of traditional Hawaiian sacred sites pepper the landscape. And though the structures have disintegrated (and, in some cases, been bulldozed) into jumbles of stones, the land holds the old energies and those energies are palpable.


Kapanai’a Bay is close by. It is favored today by locals who fish, surf, and camp there and by the occasional visitor. The stories tell us it once was favored by Pai’ea, the boy who grew to manhood here and later, as Kamehameha I, united the Hawaiian Islands into one kingdom. I too favor it, for its beauty and power, and it has become a special destination when I go walking.

At Kapanai’a, I wander the stony beach bridging the bay and the stream that outlets there to see what the stream has carried down from the uplands. The gulches once were heavily populated, and detritus from old streamside communities continues to surface and make its way towards the sea. I often find small shards of pottery, some Asian, some European, each one a gift. Over time, I’ve amassed a shard collection that resides on a pine hutch at home. This hutch served my mother as a china closet; for me it’s an altar.

The shards attract me in a way I can’t explain. More than their colors and patterns, their reflections of history and culture, they feel like pieces of a mysterious puzzle.

One day, after years’ worth of walks and collecting, I took all the shards off the altar and began sorting them according to a schema that formed as I sorted. Something was guiding me and I gave it free rein. In less than an hour I had seven piles, each one representing an intuitively discerned pattern that transcended ceramic design. Order had begun to emerge without conscious thought or analysis. I shifted some of the piles around, again according to an unknown guidance. I knew intuitively that this larger schema — the arrangement of piles — wasn’t linear and that it reflected levels of connection. That is, further order.

I photographed each of the seven piles, manipulating the digital images and annotating them according to an intuited logic. The photographic process itself shed further light: I saw order not as classification but as relationship — as something complex and dynamic — and so I came to call these groupings flows.

I ask you: How is it that by walking the stony beach at Kapanai’a over a long period and collecting pottery shards scattered there, shards washed downstream from an unknown number of upland sites, I arrived at such order? And for what purpose?

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THE PLACE OF THE ANCESTORS (Nov 2003 – Mar 2010)

I went walking early one autumn morning with our dog, Hala. It had rained in the night; the ground was wet and the sky still weighted with clouds. The dog and I went down the dirt road to the ocean, then looped east along the cliffs towards Kapanai’a Bay. The sun began breaking through, the day clearing.

I’d been studying the traditional practice of hula in a halau (school) since settling in North Kohala and recently learned a chant honoring Kohala and its renowned native son Kamehameha. As I walked that morning I practiced from memory, repeating the chant several times.

Near a hala grove, an owl flew up, close enough I could see her markings clearly. She cruised low and into the trees at the edge of the remains of a large stone platform, an old Hawaiian sacred site, and instinctively I followed her. Owls had shown themselves at an unusual frequency the prior six months, including an intense and memorable episode in which I’d rescued a young injured female. We have a special relationship, the owls and I, one that is old and strong and purposeful.

As I walked onto the stone platform, the owl disappeared from view. And I heard a voice announce, “This is the Place of the Ancestors.” Not “…the place of your ancestors,” but “…of the ancestors.” The Place of the Ancestors: a proper name. I could feel the energy shift and the Ancestors gather. Strong emotions welled up in me. I apologized for all the roads crisscrossing sacred ground and asked for continued guidance in doing the work entrusted to me, the work that honors this place and indeed all places. Then I chanted one last time.

What I came to understand is that the chant functioned like a key in a lock. Or, more precisely, the vibrational frequencies of the tones of the chant functioned like a key. The chant “spoke” to the Ancestors who sent the owl, and the owl guided me to a portal giving access to the Ancestors. That portal has since become a working space for me.

The Twelve Realms

A few days later, Hala and I returned on another walk. As I sat on a log, an interdimensional owl began to take me down a red tunnel…but the dog was restless and I thought I’d need to return alone to pursue this. The Ancestors had other ideas. Later that day, when deeply relaxed during an acupuncture session, I was surprised to find myself continuing the journey begun that morning.

I was led again by the owl as well as by a big golden cat with dark spots — the dear ally I now know as Big Cat — down a long tunnel through a number of energetic zones to a well-lit underground chamber. It was filled with a variety of beings including those I knew to be the Deep Ancestors. I saw a very old Caucasian woman with wispy hair and a large Polynesian man; the rest were indistinct. I had the impression Pele was there.

An Ancestor told me there are 12 interpenetrating Realms within the Earth; these are distinguished by qualitative characteristics rather than by any sort of geography, hierarchy, or politics. I also was told I was already carrying out responsibilities associated with the Ancestors and would continue to be guided. The Ancestors lavished a lot of love on me, but no further information was given.

Within days, I heard the name of one of the 12 Realms, the Realm of Gentle Song. A second transmission, the Realm of Holy Crafts, was less clear. In either case, as before, no further information was given.

Then, a week later on another early morning walk, I entered the Place of the Ancestors and was drawn to a particular banyan tree. I sat down at its base and was enfolded by perfect stillness. The crone with wispy hair reappeared as a guide, and I was shown soft, misty gray-blue forms, some of which morphed into humanoid beings. I was told or intuited that these are associated with the Realm of Gentle Song. The word “Emmanuel” arose, as did the word “Aurora.” At that moment I had no context for either. “Emmanuel,” I later learned on the Web, is Hebrew for “God is with us” and also references The Christ energy. “Aurora,” I recalled from school days, refers to “rosy-fingered dawn” in Greek mythology. But how does any of this relate here? I learned nothing more about Emmanuel or Aurora for over 2 years.

That morning I also heard the name of another of the 12 Realms, the Realm of the Golden Template, and was shown the “golden net” I’d been seeing without understanding for 7 or 8 years! At certain intersections within the net is a single, jewel-like “water drop” containing an “entire world.” A week later at the banyan, I heard another name, the Realm of Recomposition, an otherworldly forge where elemental energies are transmuted (old forms broken down, new ones birthed).

The hala trees were blooming. I found hinano, clusterings of male hala flowers, on the ground and brought it to the banyan as an offering. The next day I found five pottery shards at Kapanai’a and a cow tooth and offered these at the banyan as well. It appeared I was making an altar there.

The Deep Ancestors

The Council of Deep Ancestors dreamed the Earth into being through their unified intention long before they arrived here some 700,000 years ago. Their access point was the interdimensional portal at the Center of the Earth; I do not know their source point.

The Ancestors reside within the Deep Earth in a dimension linked to but separate from the physical one. In my experience, they have appeared singly, in pairs or perhaps small groups, and in the full council. They have never been human. They also are linked with, but are not the same as, the Energy at the Center of the Earth and those known as the Sleepers and Redeemers — archetypal energies that periodically awaken and manifest to bring large-scale healing, or the potential for it, to specific ancestral lands or, in the case of Jesus The Christ, to the planet as a whole. RJ Stewart writes: “…[T]he Redeemer, who has many forms, is one of the Sleepers within the body of the planet. Yet the Redeemer is awake among the stars as a universal spiritual being…” (Power Within the Land, p. 74). The Christ energy resides within the Realm of Gentle Song, and it may be that the state of the Sleepers and Redeemers is regulated through the Song’s vibrational frequencies.

I find it difficult to talk about such energies — because my information is piecemeal, because their presentations are masks, and because — a crucial point — language is dimensional. That is, words, a product of the 3rd dimension, cannot by their nature describe other-dimensional (non 3-D) experiences. Those experiences resonate with our awareness and are beyond our comprehension. Words are merely the jump-off points.

A Double-Journey: Meeting with the Deep Ancestors — and a Surprise Guest

I began to connect with the Energies at the Center of the Earth, though I didn’t realize this at the time.

I had a strange dream in which I made contact with a group of humanoid beings and asked a “woman” in the group about meeting with their leader to discuss “peace.” She told me “Someone can meet with you” but didn’t elaborate. Then I experienced powerful — and profoundly different — energies and thought later that perhaps this energetic experience may have been the “meeting.”

Six months later my husband, David, and I journeyed together. I knew, after this double-journey, that the encounter in the night with the humanoid group was not a dream at all.

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I was met at the outset by Big Cat, who led me along a forest path till we came to a high ledge overlooking a large pool at the base of a waterfall. I proceeded to swim effortlessly up the waterfall while Big Cat remained on the ledge; at the top of the falls I continued swimming upstream till suddenly I was out of the stream and inside what I later would perceive as a small forest hut. The inside of the hut was a dim cavern-like room.

In the room was a circle of robed, hooded figures of indeterminate gender. I was unable to see their faces, or perhaps their faces were indistinct. They were silent. I stood in their midst, and one arose and handed me a spinning globe which I encircled in my arms. I knew these were the Deep Ancestors and the globe in my arms was the Earth. I was told to hold the Earth so, and to love her and send healing with the intention of integration — disintegration has been the state of affairs on Earth for far too long. I also was told this work would be tiring, and not to overdo it. I noticed Big Cat on the periphery of the room, grinning.

After a while, an Ancestor relieved me of the spinning globe, and I thought we were done. But as I was about to leave, a very unusual being appeared in the doorway of the hut. As I looked upon “him,” the Ancestors turned toward “him” as well — I heard something like a collective intake of breath. Clearly they did not expect…this arrival. (I use the masculine pronoun because this being projected male energy; gender isn’t relevant.)

The being was so alien looking I found him scary, yet I knew there was nothing to fear. He appeared as an amalgam of translucent blue-tinged crystals in humanoid form. Description is difficult. The being looked slightly out of focus — perhaps because I was having trouble taking him in or, as David suggested later, because he was having trouble projecting himself in a form I could relate to or perceive at all.

The circle of Ancestors parted to allow him entry, and he walked toward me and somehow communicated that he was going to meld with me to imbue me with a kind of power I would need to do the assigned work. We merged. Afterwards the Ancestors wanted me to lie down and rest, but I told them no need, I was fine. Then Big Cat and I left the hut, and when I turned to look back at it — this is when I saw it as a hut — it disappeared — poof! — into a ball of golden light.

David’s simultaneous journey complemented mine: Big Cat met him, as did one of his guides, and they entered a high-desert landscape with a pool. David was told to wash himself with the waters of the pool, and to give some to me to drink. Then he became aware of a golden light  — the “hut”! — and recalled no further imagery as he held the space of clarity for my journey.

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Three days later I journeyed again, this time solo. I focused on the Earth — and, as if flying above it, looked down into a dormant volcano with energy spiraling up from the crater. I was drawn into the maw of the volcano and then beyond, into the Earth. Big Cat appeared to guide me. We passed into a very black space, possibly a long tunnel; the utter blackness made me feel afraid, but Big Cat told me to relax and not worry, we were safe. Soon the space opened up and I perceived crystalline structures; they must have been emitting light, as the atmosphere was no longer black and there was no obvious light source. We were deep in the Earth. My energy elevated and I remained in an exalted state for…some time…

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Within months, I knew that the unusual crystalline being I encountered in the “hut” in the double-journey was the being I “met with” in my “dream” and a manifestation of the Energy at the Center of the Earth. I knew that Big Cat had subsequently guided me to the Center of the Earth. I saw the connection between the crystalline being and the blue-gray forms associated with the Realm of Gentle Song, the first of the 12 Realms I’d been introduced to. Ultimately I knew that the Realm of Gentle Song and the Center of the Earth are one.


The Ancestors’ focus on integration in the double-journey was recapitulated in a different manner and with a different emphasis several months later. The doorway this time was not a journey but personal work that took me through a series of regression sessions facilitated by another healer. The line between the personal and transpersonal had begun to blur. Or perhaps there had never been a line, only the illusion of one.

In a morning meditation, I was shown the image of a blue oroborus (snake swallowing its tail) and didn’t know what to make of this. Then I saw that, taken to the logical extreme, a snake swallowing its tail eventually swallows its whole body — and that the exact moment at which the snake “disappears” is a stillpoint, a place of perfect integration. I also saw that stepping into the stillpoint is what integrates, whoever steps in functions as a bridge, and the outcome represents a shift, a new cycle at a new level.

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I continued to receive information about the Realms at the banyan.

After a hiatus of nearly a year and a half (July 2004), I visited the altar at the Place of the Ancestors. I sat for a while and, as always in this space, shifted awareness. I saw something that looked like a “layered onion” on the outside and a “beehive” on the inside — two different realities — and was told this is another of the 12 Realms, the Realm of Stories. I knew the word “stories” is not our usual understanding, that it’s far more vast, comprising myths, cosmologies, archetypes, energetic cords, and other…information.

Nearly a year later, two more Realms were named: the Realm of Two Moons, in which the “tidal pull” of opposites is reconciled, and the Realm of the Great Cycle, in which undifferentiated energy is taken in, organized, and manifested as form. I also learned that each Realm has an associated symbol; for Two Moons, the symbol is — of course! — the oroborus.

Several days later, I sat on the stony beach at Kapanai’a gazing at the ocean just after sunrise. The surface of the water was silvered by the light — it was, literally, dazzling — the image communicating another name, the Realm of the Silver Flow. I later discovered that the “metallic” nature of this Realm resonates with changes in our chakras (see later: New Earth, New Earth Body).

In late 2005 I was told that another realm, the Realm of the Boomerang, creates instant karma: cause and effect are immediate, as is the requirement for redress. No longer does the process involve multiple lifetimes.

In meditation in May 2006, I saw a rainbow and knew this image was meant to communicate another realm, the Realm of the Rainbow, relating to diversity that is interlinked and interdependent.

That fall, at Kilauea (Volcanoes National Park, SE Hawai’i Island), I was given yet another name, the Realm of the Golden Circuit. Thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions move swiftly through the Circuit, instantly impacting alignment for good or ill. This Realm links with that of the Golden Template: the Circuit is the flow, the Template the architecture through which the flow moves.

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Integration came up again explicitly in June 2008 through another double-journey with David. I found myself in a long, light-colored tunnel with very tall, light-skinned “Maasai warrior”-type beings who wore white-feathered garments. I flew down the tunnel (much faster than walking!) and exited into a sky space filled with white clouds. Big Cat materialized instantly; I jumped on his back and we continued flying in the “sky.” Suddenly the clouds parted and all below was black. So here were two worlds — the white and the black — and I knew instinctively these were polarities in need of integration. Was my work to be the facilitator — the bridge? And as soon as that question formed, I saw a jewel-encrusted bridge (!) resembling a human figure doing a backbend.

David also was aware of a backbent figure in his journey and of the Hawaiian hawk, ‘io, whose light (white?) feathers resonated with the garments of the “Maasai.” He saw a shed skin, then a salamander — classic symbols of transformation.

Afterward, we had quite a discussion about the backbent figure, concluding that someone moving forward but facing backward while bent over had to have complete trust in whatever was occurring. We knew this information, while applicable to all levels, was meant to speak to Earth’s evolutionary story, especially the responsibilities of humans within that.

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In March 2010 on an afternoon walk to Kapanai’a, I was startled to see an owl fly out from an old temple site in broad daylight, arcing over the fields and disappearing into the trees at the old stone platform — the Place of the Ancestors. I was impelled to follow, walking to the platform and then to the special banyan tree, an old friend I hadn’t visited in some time. I sat down at its base and soaked in the energy; closed my eyes and saw owl flying high above me. Soon the last two of the 12 names were delivered: the Realm of the Bone Elders and the Realm of the One-Again. But nothing more…yet.

And so, as the snake swallows its tail, old Earth transmutes to new: the 12 Realms are the New Earth templates.

As global energy shifts, we find ourselves standing simultaneously in two worlds, the disjunction between old and new causing a dissonance creating distortions in our sense of time. It feels like time is “speeding up” when in fact what’s happening isn’t temporal but dimensional: the shift creates the illusion of acceleration. The way forward — the way through — is by stepping into the disjunction, into “the tension between the opposites” (R. Bly, Iron John). For when you take that step, you function as a bridge. And when you bridge worlds, to whatever degree you heal one, you heal all.

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E PELE (Oct 2000 – Jan 2005)

Ancient energies reside in Hawai’i, some well known to humans, others hidden. Some are universal, transcending culture, others unique to place. Pele, the energetic manifestation of fire and volcanoes, is the most prominent; by dint of “personality,” she is impossible to ignore.

I encountered Pele directly for the first time at Kilauea, her ancestral home, in October 2000, when she came in the night to “claim me for her own.” It took time, discernment, the wisdom of a Hawaiian elder — “by embodying her mana’o [understandings, perceptions], you live it and so do her work” — and the events of September 11, 2001 — when my Earth work began in earnest — to fully absorb what Pele’s “claim” meant.

» » »

The stories of old say that Pele did not source from Hawai’i but traveled here from elsewhere. Many versions of this story detail the journey, and all of them are true. In January 2005 at Kilauea I was told yet another version and journaled it:

Pele did not come from Makali’i (The Pleiades) but from the Center of the Earth. From another dimension, not the physical one. She and her family rode in a canoe on a river of fire up through the hot spot that gave birth to the Hawaiian Islands. Her brother Kamohoali’i is not a shark god but a dragon. I was not told why the Pele family left the inner Earth. But whatever the reason, once on the surface they found the Earth so overwhelmingly beautiful they knew they had to stay and seek a permanent home here. They also knew they had responsibilities here.

Later I learned that a creator deity arriving in a canoe is a motif within the cosmology of other cultures as well. For instance, the Desana people of northern Amazonia speak of “…Yajé Woman…and an Anaconda-Canoe…ascending the rivers to settle mankind all over the land…” in the beginning of time (J. Halifax, Shamanic Voices, p. 224).

The stories of old also say that before Pele’s arrival in Hawai’i, another fire deity ruled here, one called ‘Ai La’au. When Pele came to Kilauea, ‘Ai La’au took one look at her and fled, and thereafter no more was heard of him…until

In December 2002 I learned that ‘Ai La’au had just returned to Hawai’i through an energetic opening mediated by drumming on the djembe, a fire-energy drum of African origin. ‘Ai La’au and Pele met and talked for a long time, the feeling between them one of conciliation and desire for collaboration, of recognition of their kinship in the great planetary fire family. Then, again through the djembe, ‘Ai La’au was honored and offered a wave of vibrations upon which to exit if he so chose. A few days later I heard him exclaim, like a happy child, ”I get to stay!” Pele appeared pleased. The two had come to agreement. I had the sense the fire family around the Earth was joining forces in a new way, or re-joining forces in an old way, or some aggregate of the two, and this meeting ground and decision were part of that process.

Pele told me humans often forget that fire is not only heat but light — light from within the Earth — what R.J. Stewart calls Earth Light, an interdimensional energy associated with the deep planet. To reinforce this teaching, I was shown a “lightning bolt” emanating from the ground in the middle of the meadow in front of our house! Within a day or two, while walking along the coastline, I saw “little lightning bolts” all over the landscape. I also learned that the lightning bolt is an important symbol associated with the Blasted Tower trump in tarot — the trump representing destructive power and the impetus for energetic reorganization (R.J. Stewart, The Merlin Tarot).

The stories of old say that Pele is accompanied on her journey to Hawai’i by family members, among them her youngest and favorite sister, Hi’iaka-i-ka-poli-o-pele, literally “Hi’iaka in the bosom of Pele.” In view of the version of the story recounted to me — that Pele and her retinue rode in a canoe on a river of fire from the Center of the Earth — I saw that Hi’iaka could be understood as Earth Light, that is, as “the luminescence within the heart center.” There are generally said to be 12 sisters called Hi’iaka, each with her own unique attributes, and some versions of the story posit as many as 40. However many Hi’iaka sisters there may be through this lens, each one could be viewed as a facet of Earth Light.

» » »

The Pele saga is dynamic — born from cultural bedrock but not fossilized there — and new stories continue to emerge and enlarge it, as the following account shows.

Three weeks after 9/11, I became aware of a red “hot spot” offshore of the island of O’ahu. I watched it for several days. With the terrorist attacks foremost in my mind, at first I thought this might be military activity, submarines perhaps; after all, the Hawaiian Islands are strategically crucial to the United States.

Then the hot spot diffused and began rising out of the ocean as a vortex. I didn’t know how to interpret this image but sensed it posed no threat.

I kept watching.

A few days later I was driving to Kona to run errands — and to invoke further information (driving and showering are great ways to open up the doors of perception). Not long into the drive, I knew: the red vortex wasn’t militaristic, it was volcanic. E Pele. It was Pele at work. I’d been seeing volcanic eruptions and other flaming, smoking energy since the prior spring and wondered whether that was associated with a possible eruption of the dormant Hualalai in Kona. With this new information and the benefit of hindsight, I realized I’d been seeing activation of the fire energies — but whether as a projection of the “heat” of the pending 9/11 violence or as preparation to counter it I couldn’t tell.

I kept watching.

Soon the red energy extended south to Maui and Hawai’i, morphing from a vortex into a “wall” or “shield.” Then I saw a large, white “dome” atop the entire island chain. In a moment of illumination, I understood: Pele was building a red “foundation,” and Poliahu, the overarching deity of Mauna Kea, was adding a superstructure. These two energies, Great Sisters often characterized as rivals in cultural stories, were working in partnership as they always have to protect the Hawaiian Islands, and, very possibly, much more. This working partnership was affirmed for me by the Hawaiian elder who helped me comprehend Pele’s “claiming me” and, several years later, the quality of the power held within Poliahu’s lofty domain (see later: Top of the World).

My experiences in waking and dreaming life, in journeys and meditations, kept adding to the larger story as if a fabulous garment were being sewn stitch by stitch. But with a difference: this stitching process is recursive. That is, you periodically must go back in order to go forward and, in the going back, something new is picked up and sewn in — taking the story to another level. The story not only expands, it spirals.

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THE GRID (Jun 1998 – Feb 2008)

Power Stations and Gates

I first became aware of aspects of the planetary energy grid shortly after coming to live in North Kohala. It was then, during summer 1998, that Big Cat made his first appearance and joined me periodically in energywork that, at the time, centered on what I call power stations on the land.

I saw my first power station when David and I and a neighbor meditated together, focusing on the point of land between Kapanai’a Bay and the neighboring bay to the west, Hapu’u. I did further work solo, investigating the rest of Hawai’i Island and the ‘Alenuihaha Channel between Hawai’i and Maui. It was also during this period that I was introduced to the energy the Hawaiians call Ku, a principal male deity whose responsibilities include war, governance, forests, and, in concert with his female counterpart Hina, certain aspects of healing. Ku remained a strong presence for several months, and it was then that I met my kumu hula (hula teacher) and joined the halau.

By December I’d perceived additional aspects of the local grid. Lines of energy connected powerful nodes on the physical and energetic landscapes, including an energetic transect between the great extinct volcanoes Mauna Kea (Hawai’i) and Haleakala (Maui). I also saw hidden islands offshore. One of my teachers confirmed the existence of the hidden islands — something I later discovered in texts documenting ancient Hawaiian cosmology! I also was shown that Ku is associated with one of those islands and, in particular, with a powerful “crystal” that island houses. This was when I was introduced to gates. That “crystal” is a gate.

Gates are interdimensional portals that are key nodes in the planetary energy grid — Earth analogs of the special acupuncture points which serve as doorways from the ordinary to the extraordinary meridians in traditional Chinese and Japanese healing systems. Each gate has a gatekeeper (on occasion, more than one) who acts as a guardian, and gatekeepers often are perceived as dragons. Not all gates are of equal capacity; some handle more potent or qualitatively different energies than others. Planetary shifts are mediated through gates (though gates are not the only mediators); energy passing through a gate is routed to power stations, which, like transformers, step it down when necessary and then distribute it through feeders or other substructures to the entire system.

Gates can be working spaces for large-level healing and transformation, as I’ve learned through my experiences at The Place of the Ancestors. There and elsewhere, I was made aware of gate openings — that is, moments in Earth’s evolutionary process when the status quo is purposefully disrupted and new energies are ushered in. By “new energies,” I mean those of significantly different vibrational frequencies. I see this difference as color; so when I speak of, say, a “blue gate,” I’m using a personal shorthand referring to a gate opening in which the new energies appear blue to me. You might perceive this differently. The gate openings I’ve experienced have been explosive (not all are), and all gate openings are not of equal import. But any time a gate opens, so does a new planetary phase with unique patterns. Gate openings and their attendant phases can overlap with other openings/phases, a nonlinearity creating a complex, often chaotic, dynamic.


Doing energetic clearing work on land — what later morphed into The Land Work — began in earnest in spring 2005.

One morning after breakfast, David and I got to talking about his usual dogwalking routes. His least favorite, he told me, contained an area where the ancient Hawaiian martial art of lua had been practiced, including an old temple site with large, powerful stones; David said the violent energies there stirred up fantasies of violence within him! I knew the space needed to be cleared and the impetus for our conversation was a call. This first “official” piece of land work turned out to be a complex and instructive affair.

One of its key teachings relates to what I now term pipelines. Early in the clearing session, I saw a number of souls “frozen” in time-space and sensed they would be free to move on once the energy was activated for clearing. What I hadn’t anticipated was that these souls were part of an extensive “spirit pipeline” and that the whole pipeline would activate — once signaled, many souls elsewhere in the pipeline “flew out of the land” (how I perceived it) in a mass exodus. Later I saw that land — all land — contains an interconnected, multidimensional pipeline network.

In September 2007, 6 years after 9/11, a space in central Arizona started attracting my attention. I saw it as an energetic “crater.” Soon I was instructed to journey there and did so in early October with Big Cat.

We were taken through a series of tunnels and other Underworld realms populated by all manner of beings. Most were indistinct. I saw a council of Native American elders and wondered if these were the Deep Ancestors in another guise. I recall intensely colored, luminescent energy and felt myself morph into an Empress with long, flowing silver hair and even a “crown” as we continued along the tunnels. Then different Earth scenes began to flash within my awareness — of strangely colored ocean waters (the Gulf oil disaster of 2010 now comes to mind), of deserts with wildly blowing sands (planetary drought?) — and other images too transitory to retain. These were possible futures, and not positive ones, and I was told: “This [the “crater”] is where the future is born…where the future is dreamed…” I was instructed to connect with the space and dream the future I wanted on Earth! I also learned this is not the only space for re-dreaming the Earth, just one of them.

Then I saw lines of energy emanating from the “crater” and connecting to other sites in the US West, including Chaco Canyon (New Mexico). I understood, in the aftermath of this journey, that the “crater” and its analogs are gates within the pipeline network and wondered whether the Arizona “crater” is another access point to the Deep Earth — another Place of the Ancestors.

» » »

A month later in a morning meditation, I was taken to a journey-like landscape — a large salt flat in high-desert country. There I was met by a reptilian-humanoid being who, matter-of-factly, began pointing in different directions as if noting features of the landscape and talking as he pointed. I sensed the being was showing me something about gates and pipelines but in the moment couldn’t discern what.

Big Cat suddenly appeared and took me underground, on a brief journey through tunnels, to a chamber containing huge emerald-green crystals. I was told this is Earth medicine — medicine from and for the Earth — and some of this material was placed at my heart and third eye. I learned that these implants allow me to bridge the gates at Mauna Kea, Mt. Shasta, the Arizona “crater,” and Easter Island (Rapa Nui). I realized then what the reptilian-humanoid being had been telling me: I am to bridge gates and function, in effect, as a pipeline!

» » »

Not surprisingly I soon was presented with a natural opportunity to travel to Arizona. David had a professional meeting in Tempe in February 2008 and asked me to join him.

The day after his meeting finished, we drove to the Superstition Wilderness Area and hiked in Lost Dutchman State Park. We walked at an easy pace along a trail through acres of cactus toward towering stony buttes. I hadn’t been in this part of the world in 15 years and the reunion was delicious. I spotted a very large bird gliding high in the sky some distance away: a golden eagle. The eagle soared on the thermals towards the buttes; it landed on a high ledge, then flew again, this time with a companion. Enchanted, we continued to watch the eagle pair till they drifted out of sight.

The next morning, our last in Arizona, we drove north on an intuitive quest toward the “crater” I’d perceived the prior September. As we climbed in elevation, the weather grew colder and rainier; soon snow was dusting the nearby hills and even, in small patches, the roadside. We stopped at a little burg and, in mundane terms, explained our quest to some locals at the tiny visitor’s center; we were directed to Montezuma Castle National Monument, a place we’d visited before on a long-ago driving trip to the Southwest. This was farther north and slightly west of where I’d expected the “crater” to be, but we both knew to leave expectations behind and proceeded as guided.

It was very cold and uncomfortable at Montezuma — my blood had “thinned” living in Hawai’i, and I no longer owned wool garments and rarely wore closed shoes. Instead of hiking, we decamped at a picnic table by the river near the Monument’s headquarters. Other people were around, but we were in a protective bubble and no one paid us any attention. We may even have been, in a sense, invisible.

David threw, first, a five-card tarot and, then, three runes. In the tarot spread, a largely Upper World throw, the aggregate of the central trumps Innocent, Judgment, and Temperance indicated a cycle with powerful new beginnings and outward flowing energies, drawing upon “grace or power from unknown sources or through previously untapped inner resources” (R.J. Stewart, The Merlin Tarot). Assisting trumps (Empress, Hermit) suggested the situation also required nurturing and introspection. The runecasting showed us in a sacred enclosure — how appropriate, considering our quest — touched by the mystery of wyrd (fate, personal destiny) as well as powerful hidden order and purpose.

The sky began to sprinkle a misty, bone-chilling rain as we consulted related books to help interpret the throws. All told, the divinatory signs made clear that we indeed were in sacred space — the “crater”! — that we were supported from the far reaches of the Otherworlds, and that, as my “Empress” journey of the prior September suggested, we were empowered to impact the future. Mission accomplished, we cranked up the heat in the car and headed back south.

Once home in Hawai’i, I continued to feel strongly connected to the desert Southwest. And as time wore on, I sensed a deeper shift, a cutting of ties, portending a move…somewhere else…

» » »   » » »   » » »

TOP OF THE WORLD (Mar 1994 – Jul 2010)

I was introduced to Poliahu and Wai’au, two of the four water energies (or “deities”) resident on Mauna Kea, in June 1995. The four represent aspects of fresh water: Poliahu, snow and ice; Wai’au, lake or pool; Lilinoe, mist; and Kahoupokane, spring or underground flow.

David and I had arrived in Hawai’i that March and, by late spring, realized that a series of dreams, journeys, meditations, and conscious investigations were coalescing for purposes as yet unclear. David had begun to receive information and instructions about a Twin Earth, a nonphysical “alternative Earth close to the physical planet.” In a dream I was shown a sacred site with a wall, a circle made of unusual stone, and a small lake, and in a journey I was told a detailed story about being a crystal carrier — a reference to the energetic crystal I now know as Aurora. Several other journeys added to the core information. Little did I know I was about to embark on one of the most complex, powerful pieces of energywork in my experience till then or since.

» » »

Preparation for this work actually had begun over a year earlier, when we were living in Oregon and had no conscious thought of coming to Hawai’i. In a journey then, David was shown a dramatic landscape — an archetype with mountains and a lake — which he believed also represented a physical-world power spot we now know is the saddle between Mauna Loa, the most massive mountain on Earth, and Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain on Earth (from seafloor to summit) and one of the most sacred sites in Polynesia. When, to our astonishment, we learned from maps that just below the summit of Mauna Kea sits a small lake, Wai’au, which some Hawaiians consider “bottomless,” we knew we’d located the proper place. But what exactly was the work?

» » »

On the first of June, we spent the day at our favorite beach preparing for the trip to Mauna Kea the following day. We began a fast and each wrote a personal introduction to be presented at the lake. We ritually bathed first in the ocean and then in a pond inland in the lava.

Early the following morning we journeyed together before leaving home. During this double-journey, I was given the following detailed set of instructions by an otherworld contact:

• First, go to the ancient quarry on the mountain and gather one of its special stones for the work at the lake.

• Once at the lake, walk around it (as I did in my sacred site dream). I had no idea if this was physically possible and, as if reading my mind, my contact said, “Modify where necessary.”

• Shield for protection, as the radiance of this work will draw many negative as well as wondrous entities.

• Don’t worry if other people show up at the lake while you’re there; they will quickly leave.

• After your introductions, send Aurora out over the lake on a line of energy to create a link between worlds.

• Finally, pay close attention to the lake. You might see a sword, or a hand holding a sword, or a similar image — you may see…something — rise up from the center of the lake to signal your success.

» » »

The second of June was sunny with a brilliant blue sky. We had an uneventful drive along the winding, pot-holed Saddle Road to the Mauna Kea turnoff, and the road up the mountain wasn’t as bad as the guidebooks led us to believe it would be. We consulted a hiking guide several times to help us locate the trail to the lake. The hike wasn’t long, but it was all uphill, and the cold wind — Poliahu’s welcoming embrace — and the elevation — nearly 13,000 feet — made walking arduous. My heart pounded in the thin air, each step an effort. As we walked the trail, I noticed stones not unlike those in my sacred site dream and became excited. When we crested the hill, there below us in a small, hidden bowl was Lake Wai’au, a green jewel nestled in the lava.

We looked for the trail to the quarry but, after several attempts, failed to find it and finally gave up. My contact’s words “Modify if necessary” resounded in my head, and we did, asking the Stone People for guidance. We each located an “alternate” stone to take to the lake.

As instructed we shielded for protection and walked around the lake (no problem). After we finished the circuit and were about to introduce ourselves, the entrée to the heart of the work, a young couple showed up! We sat and waited. They made the circuit as we had, then left. We proceeded thereafter without interruption.

I sent the energetic crystal Aurora out over the lake and visualized (or saw) it as half-immersed, linking the depths with the heavens. I perceived the part below the water emanating a slender beam of energy to the Center of the Earth, the part above the water sending a similar beam into “outer space.” First I saw the beam as if from my actual physical position, then as if from “space.”

We sat quietly for a few minutes when, suddenly, the middle of the lake became perturbed. My intellect tried to make sense of this, interpreting the disturbance as a turtle. But I knew that wasn’t right. Moreover, it was sticklike. My contact’s words reverberated: “You might see a sword, or a hand holding a sword…you may see…something.” Despite the advance notice, we were astounded! Whatever this was submerged again, only to reappear a few moments later near the shore where we were sitting. It then slowly drifted back out into the middle of the lake and disappeared. Here was confirmation: the linkage had been made, and activated.

We moved away from the shore and left an offering. Just then I noticed a nearby stone circle that someone else had built — yet another element from my sacred site dream.

We gave thanks as we left the lake, satisfied that we had been guided to the right place and done the right work, awed by the process and by the alignment between worlds. We also had the sense that similar work was being carried out elsewhere around the planet.

Water Speaks…with Authority!

Ten years later (August 2005), I had a big water dream. I’ve had many water dreams, but none like this one. In the dream, David and I were on a small piece of beach that was surrounded by water. As the water continued to encroach upon the land, isolating us, we became more and more worried about how to get to solid ground. At one point, David descended into the sand, then re-emerged a short time later  — a brief Lower World visit. Eventually we found a way out, through an ascending spiral staircase that appeared at one end of the beach. What the staircase ascended to was invisible to us but of no concern. What struck me later about this dream was that, despite the watery threat, an unexpected, creative solution appeared involving other levels (guidance from the Lower World, escape to the Upper).

Two days later the toilet tank in one of our two bathrooms overflowed. The float had stopped working, and the tank had no way of knowing it was full. So water kept running into the already full tank and began splashing onto the tile floor. It was the peculiar sound of the splashing that caught my attention before the flooding became a household disaster.

Three weeks later, while preparing breakfast one Sunday morning, I was hit with a blast of energy so hot I lost my grounding. I saw that a huge plume of white energy filled with “crystalline buckshot” had erupted from Mauna Kea. A white gate had opened.

I knew the combination of these arcane and mundane events — the beach dream, the tank overflow, the gate opening on Mauna Kea, home of the water energies — was a sign of a new planetary phase I dubbed The Flood. And as I soon learned, the white energy was to play a role thousands of miles away in the hurricane-torn, flood-ravaged southeastern US.

A month later, Hurricane Katrina cut a path of water-borne destruction along the Gulf Coast, impacting many communities, notably the low-lying city of New Orleans. Several other named hurricanes followed in Katrina’s wake, also causing loss of life, property, and — most potent and long-lasting — the illusion of safety and security. I sensed, in hindsight, that the SE Asia tsunami in late December 2004, which caused massive loss of life, was a harbinger for, or perhaps the true opening of, this phase.

I also understood the idea of flooding wasn’t limited to water. Anything could flood, and on any level. Once the levees protecting the city burst, New Orleans was flooded not only with water but also with rage, violence, crime, bigotry, and despair. What’s more, flooding isn’t always negative: abundance, too, is a form of flooding. So far, however, Water had been the prime mover, and Water’s message came through loud and clear:

The Water energies are demanding a true partnership with humans. Water will no longer allow itself to be “managed” by human engineering without its input and consent. Where such old-style management persists, Water will find ways to reclaim its flow dynamics and natural space. New Orleans (devastated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina) was created on a huge delta; the area was developed and urbanized without any consideration given to or permission sought from Water. Humans displaced Water, and now — the tables turned — Water has displaced humans. There must be parity and respect, built upon a foundation of gratitude. [journal entry, 8/28/05]

I had another flood dream right after Katrina. What I recalled most from that dream was walking through water up to my knees; that water had a current, a…consciousness. Later that day, I saw this was not a dream at all: I’d been “out” during the night working the situation in New Orleans.

» » »

In a post-Katrina meditation, I saw the potential for future water-based events in two different areas of the continental US where people have manipulated or disrespected water.

One area, a large population center, is naturally dry. Water has been imported through a series of dammed rivers so the area could be developed and urbanized. This area also has strong earthquake potential, and an alliance between Water and Earth could have devastating consequences. The second area is wet overall, a vast floodplain cut by three major rivers and dotted with lakes and reservoirs. Coastal lands are low lying; in some places, the coastal zone is degrading and the sea invading. This area also contains the largest known aquifer on Earth, rapidly being depleted through agricultural irrigation.

The purpose here was to illuminate for me the types of situations people unwittingly create through human-centered, “power over” thinking. (Neither event subsequently occurred… at least not yet.)

The following day, I saw a “flood” of white energy from the Mauna Kea gate opening moving towards the southeastern US. But for what purpose? Assistance? Reinforcements? Water energies coming to meet? I didn’t know and wasn’t told. Within several days the white energy had pretty well dissipated. I was then told I’d been mediating the dispersement process, but not consciously. These dynamics remained a mystery. Perhaps I’d had more nights “out.”

» » »

Water continued to be prominent in both my dreaming and waking life. On a walk along the seaside cliffs one December morning, I felt in my body the resonance between the rhythms of the water within me and the gentle wave action below me. I felt — actually felt — the water in the ocean and the blood in my body in tune with one another; their saline nature, one.

A Trip to Mauna Kea, a Startling Experience — and a Key Understanding

In 2006, through contact with Poliahu and Kahoupokane in an early April meditation, I was shown brilliantly “sparkly” (crystalline) energy in the upper portion of Mauna Kea. This was not Earth Light, as I originally suspected, but underground water that had been supercharged in conjunction with unusually wild electrical storms a couple of days before. The vibrational frequency in the area had been raised to that of The Christ energy — yet another white gate had opened. I also saw a strange image, of dense gray “smoke” high up on the mountain, and took this to be a “smokescreen” for something meant, for the time being, to stay hidden. Finally, I was told to come physically to the mountain in the company of my Hawaiian elder friend who has a special relationship to Mauna Kea. Several years earlier he had confirmed the linkage David and I mediated years before at Lake Wai’au. I wondered if Uncle would get the message about going with me to Mauna Kea. And, I learned soon enough, he had.

» » »

The night before our trip, I meditated. I slept deeply and had a hard time surfacing when the alarm when off at 5 am. I found myself in an unusual state — already elevated, already in some sense on the mountain. I gathered up clothes to keep warm at high elevation, my cooler with lunch, gardenias from my garden for an offering, and, as instructed, my purple lavalava (sarong).

Uncle and I met at the agreed-upon spot and I transferred to his big rig. He wore shorts and sandals and remained that way all day; I later learned he’s never cold on the mountain, even at the highest elevations. As we drove along the Saddle Road, my old friend and guardian, owl, flew across the fields and accompanied us briefly towards Mauna Kea. This felt good — a guide ushering us towards the ancestors. Only later that day did I realize owl carried a double message, a warning as well as a welcome.

Uncle and I chatted while enjoying the landscape. We made a brief stop on the Mauna Loa Road to honor Pele before backtracking slightly and heading up Mauna Kea. We stopped at the visitor center (9,000 ft level) to acclimate; to have a hot chocolate, one of Uncle’s “protocols”; and to touch base with the rangers, all of whom know Uncle well.

As we continued up the mountain on the steep gravel road, Uncle introduced a new subject, the traditional oracle tower, or lananu’umamao, used by the kahuna of old. The three levels — lana, nu’u, and mamao — ascend the tower, each with a particular purpose and sacredness. The lana, he explained, was the foundation and most Earthbound level; in the nu’u, there was still human activity, but only of the highest priestly ranks; somehow we never talked about the mamao, but I inferred that no human activity was allowed at that level. Uncle then explained that Mauna Kea itself may be viewed as a lananu’umamao: the lana level begins at 11,000 ft, the nu’u at 12,000, the mamao at 13,000 ft. I also knew, from a prior conversation, that there’s a fourth level, between the upper limit of the mamao and the summit, and assumed I’d learn more about that at the summit later in the day. As it turned out, we never got past the nu’u.

» » »

Uncle digressed, talking about the ancient migrations to Hawai’i as we entered the lana. I felt an energetic shift then, flushing hot, but the heat passed quickly and I thought no more about it. After entering the nu’u, we turned onto a side road that led to a large satellite dish, part of a planetary array for sensing signals from deep space. We parked near the dish, facing up-mountain and a broad, barren plain.

Uncle talked about transmissions in which he’d learned what occurred on this plain long ago — the sacred burials, conducted by high priests dressed in white tapa-cloth, of the bones of the highest chiefly ranks, the mo’i kapu, those considered of divine birth. As he spoke, the intensity of the information and the energy of the space overwhelmed me: I flushed hot again but this time the heat didn’t dissipate and I was on the verge of passing out. I fought this feeling as long as I could but, unable to control it, told Uncle I was in trouble. We left the area immediately and began to descend. It was then that Uncle told me it’s this reservoir of divine energy that makes Mauna Kea so sacred. Many people know the mountain is holy, but not why. He sensed that, energetically, my system had tried to align with the vibrational frequencies of the space (thus the dizzying flush of heat) and that’s what made me sick.

We turned at a trailhead back down at the 9,000 ft level and drove to an overlook adjoining an area used for traditional offerings. We got our flowers from the cooler, and I tied my purple lavalava over my jeans. We made the short walk to the altar and expressed our love and gratitude to the deities of the mountain.

Then we had lunch at an old koa picnic table at the overlook and talked casually for a while. But when Uncle returned to esoteric conversation, the energy shifted and I flushed hot and became faint yet again. We stopped talking, packed up, and descended to the Saddle Road. Instinctively I wrapped the lavalava around me once I cooled down enough and kept it so all the way back to my car. It wasn’t until the ride home that I saw why I’d been told to bring that garment — it was protective, meant to help me handle the energy. I’d needed to wear it the whole time.

At the highway junction, we said our goodbyes. As I drove home a deep fatigue settled in, and though bone tired that night I had a hard time sleeping — scenes from the day kept replaying. The next morning I was still “on the mountain” and remained so throughout the day.

» » »

The following morning, while journaling about the trip I began to feel queasy, a minor version of the mountain sickness. I was reconnecting energetically just by remembering. I finished writing and got up to take a shower. And it was in the shower, that great spot for intuitive hits, that I saw what had occurred and why we’d made the trip:

I know the white energy — the Christ energy resident on Mauna Kea, the mana from the reservoir of the bones of the mo’i kapu — as I partner with it in my work with land, especially clearings. But I needed to experience it directly, raw, in its pristine state, and in the way the mountain holds it, not transmuted and stepped down. Mauna Kea is sacred because of its energy. Hawaiian adepts recognized this and thus knew it was the appropriate place for burying the bones of their most sacred personages, those who themselves were of this energy. As with all sacred sites around the world, it’s the land that holds the power and attracts to it sacred structures, beings, rituals, protocols, and practices. [journal entry, 6/24/06]

» » »

The work David and I did on Mauna Kea in 1995 activated a linkage between the Center of the Earth, accessed through Lake Wai’au, and the Twin Earth, the template of planetary perfection. It’s this linkage that serves as the pipeline for the New Earth templates.

» » »   » » »   » » »


I have often done guided healing work — on myself, on others, on the Earth — as I slide toward sleep at bedtime.

One bedtime in November 2009 I was told that both the Earth and I would receive a healing in the night and that I might be made aware of this in my dreams. I did recall a dream in which I was offered several egg dishes all at once, “egg” symbolizing the seed of something new and “several dishes” suggesting a set of choices, of potentials. I also was told there would be a “realignment of the plates,” presumably in connection with the healing work — or perhaps that was the work?

The following morning I saw an image of the Earth with “realigned plates” and instantaneously knew the “plates” were “templates.” I kept trying to perceive this image clearly, to make sense of it — the templates appeared to be spiraling — yet the image remained blurry and wouldn’t gel. I was told what I was seeing was multidimensional and would be hard for me to perceive, in the way that the energy at the Center of the Earth had been hard to perceive when we met in the double-journey at the forest “hut.”

About a month later, information about the Earth’s DNA started rolling in at bedtime. I saw the double helix spiraling around the Earth’s axis: the classic image of the caduceus. The realigned templates I’d been made aware of in November were within each of the two strands of the helix. I was not sure, though, what “within” might mean in the context of interdimensional space. Something was said or shown about the number 36 — were there 36 layers in each strand? 12 templates of three layers each? This was unclear and no further information has yet been given.

» » »

Then, in early 2010, something qualitatively different began to occur.

One night I was shown images of vast, forested landscapes with massive conifers and oceans teeming with life. When on Earth did forests and oceans look like this? Was this a window onto ancient, pristine Earth? Or were these archetypes? All life was infused with a vibrancy difficult to describe, something no longer extant on Earth except perhaps in the wildest places, places too inhospitable, too inaccessible, too dangerous, for any but extreme explorers. What we have now is a wan copy, a shadow, of what I saw. The sense of loss was profound.

The next night I saw tribal people in the forest. Was this a specific ethnic group? Or an archetype? Though I couldn’t later recall details about physiognomy, size, or attire, what was indelible was the sense these people were “larger than life,” a super-race.

Days later, I saw a raging river carrying tons of soil downstream, the river’s power unchecked by dams or levees or engineered channels. The flow was so wild I found it hard to comprehend how the riverbanks contained it. The larger landscape through which this river surged felt like the others I’d seen at bedtime — a computer-generated world created for a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

I couldn’t shake these images and their implication for life on Earth. But what if Earth never looked quite like this? What if I were being shown snapshots of the Twin Earth?

» » »

Then one night at bedtime I met a shaman near a desert pool in a journey-like landscape. The shaman told me to jump in the pool and swim through a tunnel to another pool where he’d meet me. I did, and he did.

The shaman pointed to a lake in the distance and said we were going to walk there. This time we set out together. I expected the walk to be long because the lake looked far away, but our travel went quickly and all at once we arrived. I thought to myself: Either I badly misjudged the distance or we passed through a wrinkle in time.

No space, no time here, the shaman responded to my thought.

At the lake I saw a very large fish break the surface of the water with its back, then dive down under again. I say “fish” yet knew this was a marine mammal. It was too large to be a dolphin and too small to be a whale. I wondered what it was.

This is a creature time left behind, the shaman said, again reading my mind. And the lake is an evolutionary museum. Other such creatures are in the lake, he added. And they’re not all aquatic.

What is this creature called? I asked.

It has a name — everything does — but there’s no language for it, the shaman answered.

No language? I thought. But…how can a name be preverbal? I was already out of my depth and didn’t pursue this.

I did wonder how many species lived in the lake, if “live” is even the right word. And — wondering further — if the museum was an extinction archive, as the shaman indicated, were its exhibits nothing more than otherworldly taxidermy, or did seeds of life lie dormant like sleeper agents, awaiting the signal to reactivate? Could the exhibits — the creatures — be brought back to life as I know it? And if they could be, under what circumstances would they be? This time, the shaman didn’t catch my thoughts or, if he did, ignored them.

We remained at the lake. I watched for a while, whatever that meant in a timeless realm. But all that rose was a humbling thought: If we humans don’t get our act together on Earth, we’ll soon end up a museum exhibit too.

A small breeze fluttered yet didn’t break the surface tension of the lake. Another thought rose: The lake isn’t water. Things here, it was becoming clearer and clearer, were not what they seemed at all.

We stood and I stretched. The shaman led me along a path to a small cave higher up in a forest overlooking the desert and lake. The cave walls were light colored, and big, soft cushions blanketed the floor. It was an appealing place, not damp or smelly or claustrophobic.

This is a dream cave, the shaman said. Help finding dreams is available here. His wording struck me as odd: was that an invitation? I didn’t pursue it.

We were at the lake — suddenly, again — where along the shore I saw an oak-like tree decked out with “Christmas lights.” This tree wasn’t here before, I’m sure of it. Had it just materialized, I asked myself, or had we been gone from the lake longer than I realized? But as soon as I formulated the questions, I knew they were the wrong ones.

Such trees have powerful medicine, the shaman said.

What happened? I asked. I knew instinctively that the tree, though next to the lake and not in it, was another museum exhibit.

They were cut down by people who feared what their medicine implied about the nature of the world. And by those who were mindless takers. He was matter-of-fact in his indictment.

But before I could consider his answer, I fell asleep.

» » »

I had no contact with the shaman for six months. He returned unexpectedly one summer night and took up where he left off. I wondered — there I was wondering again — what “six months” meant to a timeless being in a timeless realm.

We went to a different part of the desert landscape with the lake. This area was volcanic, with lava flowing over hilly ground. But the lava wasn’t red, it was like liquid sunshine, molten gold.

The lava isn’t hot, the shaman said. No heat from the ground, none from the sky either. You can’t get sunburned in this desert because there is no sun.

Abruptly he stopped to listen.

This is just a story, the shaman said.

We were at the lake. I was becoming used to the abrupt disjunctions. I was no longer wondering why.

A special energy is kin to the lake, the shaman said. That energy feeds the creatures in the museum. It also protects them by fencing them in: they can’t stray because the energy beyond the lake doesn’t support them.

Abruptly the lake and surrounding shore glowed lemon yellow.

That’s it, the shaman said. The special energy.

I could not help what happened next, the need to know basic as breathing.

Is the yellow…is it light from within the planet? From the Earth? I asked. I’d seen that before but it looked different, like little lightning bolts striking from the ground.

No, he said slowly, this isn’t Earth Light because this isn’t Earth. A subtle smile rippled his lips. However, he added, more soberly now, the museum is linked to Earth.

Where we are now — I paused, feeling the enormity of what I was about to ask, the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end — is this…the Twin Earth?

Noooo, he said even more slowly, drawing out the word. He looked surprised, as if I was getting ahead of the lesson plan.

But I can take you to the Twin Earth, the shaman said. And I will. When it’s time.

» » »   » » »   » » »

NEW EARTH, NEW EARTH BODY (Mar 2005 – Feb 2011)

I realized that Old Earth healing systems might no longer apply to New Earth bodies — to the New Earthling. Old healing systems might need to shift right along with our bodies — and everything else — or, in some cases, be discarded and new systems put in place. Over the course of 2005, I saw a series of images reflecting this evolutionary process and the type of change already occurring.

» » »

For several years I had studied Jin Shin Tara (JST), an energetic therapy based on the ancient Japanese system Jin Shin Jyutsu. Like its predecessor, Jin Shin Tara uses gentle touch on points along the eight extraordinary meridians as well as combinations of those points (point flows) to effect healing and raise awareness; unique to the Tara approach is its emphasis on the resolution of trauma and shock.

One March evening, my attention was directed to the atlas, the first vertebrae at the top of the spine, just below the base of the skull. I found myself calling this the Golden Atlas because, as I touched it, it lit up with golden energy that rose into my head as a column of light. The atlas point at first appeared to be JST 4 (point 4 in the Tara system; S. Mines, Self-Care Manual). I say “at first appeared to be” because the next day I saw that this point is in an energy body parallel to the one we’re attuned to. The Golden Atlas point is, more correctly, an analog to JST 4. I sensed that this parallel energy body, whatever its configuration, is of the New Earth, and that it begins to activate as layers of interdimensional DNA (iDNA) activate.

As the Golden Atlas lit up, a beam of golden light shot through my third eye towards the back of my head, intersecting with the Atlas light column. The point of intersection is a portal: it presented as a wide golden chamber with gently ribbed or patterned walls. The portal also had a tunnel-like quality projecting a sense of infinitely long, reflective space — like an interdimensional hall of mirrors. I couldn’t help but wonder what significance this portal might have.

Six months later I found out. At the end of a Jin Shin-inspired meditation, a “star” appeared in my mind’s eye. I knew this star related to the portal in my brain I’d been shown the prior March. The next day, during a JST brain flow I saw an “infinity loop” at the brain’s center. I inferred this loop represents how the energy flows between the hemispheres of the brain via the corpus callosum that bridges them but in multidimensional space. I also sensed that the infinity loop at the center of the brain mirrors an analogous loop at the Center of the Earth, and that both these loops are portals. As I journaled that, I saw the Earth loop: a whitish matrix threaded with soft, shimmering rainbow colors. In meditation the next day, I intuited that the star-loop combination, both within my brain and at the Center of the Earth, is a merkaba — known in sacred geometry and Kabbalah as a time-space vehicle!

Two days later I saw that there are three star-loop combinations within the New Earthling — in the brain, heart, and belly — and all three activate as portals once iDNA activates. I wondered then whether iDNA exists in other lifeforms, including the whole Earth itself. If so, it must be activating now as well.

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In early 2011, in rereading what I’d written above, I was struck unexpectedly by a resonance with a passage from Michael Harner’s classic book The Way of the Shaman in which he chronicles a journey mediated by ayahuasca. We know DNA as genetic code within lifeforms on Earth and, with typical human curiosity, also may wonder about DNA in lifeforms beyond Earth, both in and beyond the 3rd dimension. But Harner’s experience, excerpted as follows, takes this to another level — of thought, perception, connection:

“…an even lower portion of my brain began to transmit more visions and information…these were the secrets reserved for the dying and the dead…I could only very dimly perceive the givers of these thoughts: giant reptilian creatures reposing sluggishly at the lowermost depths at the back of my brain…

…they showed me the planet Earth as it was eons ago, before there was any life on it…then black specks dropped from the sky by the hundreds and landed in front of me on the barren landscape…the ‘specks’ were actually large, shiny, black creatures with pterodactyl-like wings and huge whale-like bodies…they flopped down, utterly exhausted from their trip, resting for eons. They explained to me in a kind of thought language that they were fleeing from something out in space…

The creatures then showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence. Before me, the magnificence of plant and animal creation and speciation…took place on a scale and with a vividness impossible to describe. I learned that the dragon-like creatures were thus inside all forms of life, including man…they were the true masters of humanity and the entire world…”

Then, in the footnote to this text — the footnote! — Harner adds something monumental: “In retrospect one could say they were almost like DNA [emphasis mine], although, at that time, 1961, I knew nothing of DNA.”

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I also perceived alterations in the New Earthling’s emotional body. Colors classically associated with certain chakras were changing, and all chakras reflected the more “sparkly” appearance of the incoming energies (as per the Realm of the Silver Flow):

First, or root, chakra: A mix of reds that swirled together like a rapidly spinning pinwheel.

Second chakra: Orange shifting to copper.

Third, or solar plexus, chakra: Yellow shifting to gold; I sensed a major energetic connection between this chakra and the Realm of the Golden Template — a connection we haven’t experienced before.

Fourth, or heart, chakra: A vibrant, gemlike emerald green with just a touch of yellow; rose remains associated with the heart as well.

Fifth, or throat, chakra: Blue shifting to a deep eggplant purple.

Sixth chakra, or third eye: A silver cast added around the edges, shading into indigo.

Seventh, or crown, chakra: More milky white than violet; the violet subtly “flamed” through the white, putting me in mind of the “violet flame of St. Germain” [and aligning with one of Kryon’s iDNA layers (3rd grouping, 4th layer)].

The auric field was sparkly too and contained swirling rainbow colors in a milky white matrix, much like the Earth’s infinity loop.

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HA’INA HOU… (Early 2000s/Ongoing…)

“Story creates an atmosphere in which [truth] becomes discernible as a pattern.”

— Barry Lopez, Crossing Open Ground

In the early 2000s, I stumbled across the Hebrew phrase tikkun olam — repairing the world — a phrase so resonant with my work I was surprised I hadn’t encountered it before. I also discovered then that tikkun is the core teaching of the Kabbalah master Isaac Luria (1534-1572), a blood ancestor on my mother’s side and, I saw at once, a spiritual ancestor as well.

Luria died young and never documented his original work, and it’s through the writings of his disciples that his teachings (or at least their interpretations of his teachings) have been handed down. Luria’s vision, the object of ongoing scholarly scrutiny, is esoteric and complex, as evidenced in the bare bones I offer here in service to my story [synopsis drawn from Tikkun in Lurianic Kabbalah by Lawrence Fine,; The Invisible Chariot by Deborah Kerdeman and Lawrence Kushner; The Jewish 100 by Michael Shapiro)]:

The world was created through a contraction of the divine essence — that is, God withdrew slightly, allowing a small space in which the world could form. In this space the aspects of divinity were differentiated for the first time, manifesting as sefirot (the Kabbalistic tree of life) whose light required containment in special vessels.

Then suddenly, a catastrophe: the light was so powerful the vessels shattered in a cataclysmic explosion. Much of the light returned to God, but the rest fell and was trapped within the scattered shards (the basis for the material world).

The responsibility of humans is to make the vessels whole again through contemplation, prayer, ritual, and other righteous acts (mitzvot) and thereby repair the world. Only by so doing will we be redeemed and readied for the Messiah.

It was as if a mist had cleared. I understood why the Kapanai’a shards.

Other traditions address tikkun in their unique ways. Celtic shaman R.J. Stewart offers an extraordinary passage, sourcing from an otherworldly contact, on the redemption of the world:

“Three orders of being live within the world, within and not upon, for nothing that lives is of the surface only. They are the human races, the faery races, and the races of creatures within the land, sea and air. Angelic and other spiritual beings that may be known and unknown are not within the world as humans, faeries and creatures, though they may have exchanges with the three orders and be in worlds adjoining.

All three orders are of one another, yet many do not know it and cause suffering to themselves and others through their ignorance. At the original moment of the Bright One [Lucifer] embodied in the Earth these three, once united, were separated out to walk different ways through time, place and power…

Through unity of the three orders of being, human, faery and animal, the Sleeper in the Land is awakened. This is the way of perfection that is so hidden as a truth that few know of it. The awakening of the Bright One, Lucifer, is not of the land alone, but of the whole world. It is the light of the world shining back to the Sun which is its sister, and each knowing that they are of the stars and united in being….

When the human, faery and creature races recognize one another and come together again, the Redeemer will have completed gestation within the body of the planet…This is the Mystery of the rebirth of Christ as Woman, during the last age of the world…” (Power Within the Land, pp. 75-77)

The Twin Earth is the physical Earth’s template of perfection…or, through another lens, the Garden of Eden…or, through the lens of tikkun, the shards reunited, the world restored to wholeness: the once and future Earth, the Earth re-dreamed. And with the New Earth templates moving through the pipeline from Twin Earth to physical Earth, I must conclude — I can only conclude — that the healing of the Earth is under way.

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To all those who, in their diverse forms, have partnered with and assisted me with Earth work, I offer my deep gratitude.  The work of the following people has been particularly influential: first and foremost, my shamanic partner of 32 years, David A. Perry Sr.; Celtic shaman R.J. Stewart; energyworker Machaelle Small Wright, Perelandra Center for Nature Research; writer/naturalist Barry Lopez; kumu Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiae’a; and kupuna Uncle Ed Stevens.

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