Realignment…and paradox

I checked in on the Earth axis realignment process (see New instructions and Further instructions) on the morning of August 4, but it was not yet complete. The southern end of the axis had straightened, but the northern end appeared even more severely bent than before. I was told, simply, “We are working on it.”

It felt to me as if there were a strong “external pull” on the northern end. But what force or intelligence would or could exert this? And why? What intention? Agenda? Is this a “natural phenomenon”? A “celestial influence”? All I could do was hypothesize.

I wondered, too, if the axis would return to its prior alignment — my initial assumption — or be set to a new one.

Later in the day I saw the northern end of the axis straightening. Those “working on it” were having an effect.

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I tuned in again on the morning of August 8, discovering right away that realignment was complete. The axis had returned to its prior alignment, yet, I was told, the situation is “not exactly the same.” After some Q&A with the Team to clarify, I learned that the vibrational  frequency of the axis is different. In the context of Earth evolution and the seating of the New Earth templates, this makes sense.

I also asked the obvious salient question: How might this change affect life on Earth? Inquiring minds always want to know. Thus far, however, no answer.

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Considering the escalating chaos of global financial markets, not to mention political and humanitarian crises, the timing and outcome of axis realignment strike me as curious. You might think the realigned, “upgraded” axis would bring about greater stability — and it may, eventually, depending on a complex of variables, not the least of which is how humans chose to behave. But for the moment, the converse is true. For the moment, we have paradox.

This brought to mind another, even more stunning paradox: Late in the day on 9/11/2001, sitting in my living room as dusk turned to dark and tuning in to what had been the Twin Towers in New York City, I saw dozens of souls awash in violet light drifting peacefully upward. The juxtaposition of the horror of the day with this orderly transition…astonishing! How was this possible?

The answer — the truth — is simple: What happens in one dimension may be discrepant with what happens in another, especially if one of those dimensions is the 3rd (our physical, material realm). But discrepancy can shift in a heartbeat. And it does when/if the timing is right.

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