September 11…and December 25

I originally drafted this post right after 9/11/2011, the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks and a time of high emotion, then “forgot about it” till now. I publish it here synchronous with a time of year when many people celebrate the birth of one often called the Prince of Peace. Peace is, in truth, what this post is all about.

A decade after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001, we still bear the weight of loss on multiple levels. People remain traumatized, whether aware of it or not. Trauma is, ironically, a “gift that keeps on giving” — new traumas recapitulate old ones. Yet, though it may be unpopular to say so, terrible events do bear gifts, shuffling our priorities and perspectives, and teaching us to be compassionate towards not only those who share our suffering but also those who perpetrated it.

I’ve written briefly before about 9/11 — about clearing and soul release work I was called to do at the World Trade Center (WTC) site in 2006 several months before the 5th anniversary of 9/11 and several days after it. In this post, I add to that a personal coda. The WTC site serves as an exemplar because I’ve worked there energetically, but what underlies this exemplar applies to all places impacted by any form of conflict or violence.**

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The WTC site is, quite simply, a graveyard. Conceived and built for commerce, it became hallowed ground through violent death. There are not only physical remains impossible to identify or recover, but energetic “remains” — souls who have not yet transitioned, the chaotic energies of all thought-forms and feeling-forms from that day. Like the toxic dust that has sickened so many, old energies hang around and wreak havoc. And they’ll continue to do so long after the rubble has been hauled away, long after a memorial, museum, and new complex of commercial structures have been designed, built, and fully inhabited.

While it’s true that energyworkers like me have done healing work there over the past decade, and while it’s true that some souls can be assisted and certain energies cleared, and while it’s true that the cool, cleansing water of the exquisite memorial — symbolic counterweight to the heat of the attacks — can help heal place as well as people, I believe the WTC space will never be fully harmonized. I believe the energetic imprints from an event of that magnitude will never fully dissipate. I believe this to my core. Put simply, some places — like some people — can never be made whole.

So what does this mean for site renewal?

It means there will be problems. Businesses will fail despite positive projections and solid financing. People will fall ill in unexpected ways. Computer systems will behave idiosyncratically. Lights will come on, go off, at odd hours. Phones will ring in the middle of the night. Anyone sleeping there will have strange and haunting dreams. People who are sensitive will see, hear, smell things that others don’t. If you doubt what I posit, just wait and watch…

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In what I think of as “my world” — a parallel universe that dwells solely in my mind — the entire WTC site is a memorial dedicated in perpetuity to peace and tolerance, to the One World we envision, have not yet seen, and may never see. To not build commercially on one of the most financially valuable pieces of real estate on the planet is, to me, a true measure of and testament to all we hold dear.

I understand why the freedom tower, and I acknowledge and honor those who made that choice. Yet for me, empty airspace, like the new moon, entertains limitless possibilities. I would rather not fill it with what I know, what is familiar or customary, but leave it open — so that

when Peace here does house / He comes with work to do, he does not come to coo, / He comes to brood and sit.
Gerard Manley Hopkins, 1844-89

**I gratefully acknowledge “Battle Energy Release Process,” from the Universal Light Series published by the Perelandra Center for Nature Research; this short piece has been pivotal to my land and planetary work.
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