The golden gate

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Hawai’i Island in late April 2014. Part of 2012 and most of 2013 and ’14 were dedicated to the move, a major life shift on every level. Now that most of the dust has settled and I feel rooted in a new place, I’m returning to projects temporarily shelved as well as stepping into new work. And I’m ready to start posting again. It’s been a while…

Not long after I arrived in the Bay Area, I was called to check in energetically with the Water People. As California is in the midst of drought — what may turn out to be a very long drought cycle — I thought (hoped?) this call would be about attracting more rain (it wasn’t) or, at the least, about helping to improve the overall balance between wet and dry (not exactly). Instead, the water work led me, unexpectedly, to a new piece of information about Earth’s energetic engineering.

I was told right away that the water in San Francisco Bay was “troubled.” The currents weren’t flowing properly because there’d been no significant rain in so long. I was shown a “video”: the center of the bay was stagnant, a dead zone relatively speaking, and the outer edges were active or overactive, with eddylike swirls (vortexes). I was instructed to clear the existing pattern and reset the balance in the bay to reinstitute proper flow in the absence of rain, for however long this drought cycle lasts. I invited in the appropriate team and we did the work immediately.

Although no other information was forthcoming about water cycles, it struck me that Nature may not see “drought” (or “flooding,” for that matter) as an imbalance — that is a human-centered perspective. Many natural cycles have long timeframes (again, from a human perspective), and we only consider them problems when they impact human culture.

It was during the rebalancing session that I perceived what appeared to be a block near or under the Golden Gate Bridge (that is, between the Bay and the Pacific Ocean), and I wondered if inadequate flow from the ocean into the bay was part of the source of the trouble in the bay. At first I assumed the “block,” if that’s what this was, needed to be cleared — so much of my work is clearing — but then it struck me that the “block” might be purposeful. With so little rain falling and so little runoff entering the bay, too much salt water could cause problems for the biosphere in the bay and surrounding marshlands. Maybe the “block” was meant to be a filter, to titrate ocean water into the bay in just the right amounts and according to just the right timing to create just the right salt/fresh water mix. When I checked in with my team, I learned that, sure enough, the “block” was actually a permeable, mesh-like membrane put in place in the late 1990s to help maintain the proper balance between salt and fresh water. The late 1990s were when drought began to seriously impact the West, and levels in large reservoirs (e.g., Lakes Powell and Mead) started falling dramatically.

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A few weeks later, I checked in with the team again. More work was needed, but this time the bay needed purification. We sent golden light.

>>>   >>>   >>>

Two weeks thereafter, I checked in again with the Water People, who told me to “go to the bay.” I directed my attention there (no need to go physically) and saw intense golden energy “in the water.” I wondered if purification hadn’t yet completed and this was residue from that process. Then suddenly I understood: this color belongs to the space. Next I was told that this space is a strong node, a powerful energy center, that it is in fact a gateway. And then the penny dropped…and I laughed out loud. The golden gate! No wonder the iconic bridge and other places and features here carry this name — it’s the energy!

The Water People then showed me a series (network?) of lines of energy flowing west from the Rocky Mountains toward the golden gate; this series covers much of the Inland West. I couldn’t see the “edges” of the image clearly but had the impression that The Southwest is a separate region, as is the northernmost area (Montana), and that their energies, or lines of energy, flow to other gates. I wondered for what purpose I was being given all this information, as it is never offered gratuitously, but the spirits just told me to “stay tuned.” I’ve had this directive before and know that, eventually, other pieces will be offered up and a more complete picture form as needed. Said another way: I will be shown what I need to know when I need to know it, all in service to the ongoing work.

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More continued to open up about water, gold, and their (to me) mysterious association in the ensuing weeks. One Saturday morning at Afro-Cuban dance class, we did a dance honoring Oshun, a water deity whose power, sensuality, and personality put me in mind of Pele. Originally Oshun appears in Yoruba cosmology and was taken to the Americas later on; in Cuba she is part of Santeria. The dance had a lot of power, and I felt inspirited by Oshun as we moved across the floor. When I got home, I investigated on the Web and discovered, to my surprise, that the color gold and golden metals are associated with her! I myself have been uncharacteristically attracted to gold jewelry (rather than silver), clothing, even nail polish, since coming to the Bay Area. Whatever these synchronicities, and this alignment, are all about remains to be seen. Stay tuned indeed!



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