The White Light of the Christ Energy

One member of The Land Work’s interdimensional team is The White Light of the Christ Energy as embodied at Mauna Kea. I first became aware of this energy in the battle energy release process (Perelandra Universal Light Series 2, p. 23). As I gained experience and developed my own TLW protocols, I grew more familiar with it. But my familiarity remained abstract — until I experienced it directly on Mauna Kea, as chronicled in the associated story.

In a December 2007 meditation, I connected with the spirits of place at Mauna Kea. I was told then that the Christ Energy is the highest vibrational frequency humans can (currently?) embody, but it’s not the highest frequency on Earth. Certain other lifeforms on Earth hold higher frequencies (I was not told which ones), and I had the impression those may not have been limited to the 3rd dimension.

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