The story of Aurora

In winter 1994, I drew to me, through illness, a gifted healer who also became my teacher. About a year later, she told me an energetic “crystal” (her word) I carried in association with my heart chakra had been stolen and needed to be retrieved. My teacher, David, and I joined our energies and successfully retrieved the crystal under my teacher’s direction. I didn’t understand what the crystal was for or why I carried it, and I didn’t have the skills or awareness then to investigate.

I consciously used the crystal for the first time when David and I did energywork on Mauna Kea in June 1995 according to instructions issued by an otherworld contact. For the next 8 years I wasn’t directed to use the crystal and “forgot” about it.

In December 2003, I became aware of the word “Aurora” at the Place of the Ancestors on a morning walk. I wasn’t sure I heard the word correctly — the subtle-energy world can be very subtle — but, as always, logged the information for later reference. If it was authentic and had purpose, it would reveal itself another day.

It did. In April 2005, while debriefing a personal healing session on seemingly unrelated issues, I saw that Aurora was the crystal’s name, and I knew its purpose.

Aurora is a transmuter. Disharmonious energy is drawn into Aurora where it spirals, becoming “sparkly” and multicolored. This “rainbow energy” is then directed down my energy core to the Center of the Earth.

“The aurora is the dawn of compassion and the Light that transforms all suffering…” (R. Kryder, Vibrational Medicine Cards, p. 15).

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