Em Dash | Editing & Writer Mentoring

Em Dash — a freelance editing service drawing upon my extensive professional experience — takes its brand from the versatile punctuation mark based on a printer’s measure of font size. The em dash can do the work of a colon, comma, period, ellipsis, or set of parentheses and indicates interruption or abrupt change. It bridges thoughts, ideas, feelings, and actions — the core of communications.

I specialize in developmental (deep) editing, addressing issues of organization as well as grammar, clarity, tone, and style, and working with authors for whom English is a second language. I especially enjoy mentoring newer writers through hands-on editing partnered with critical feedback about whatever language or storyline issues need attention.

For more information about my services and fees or a copy of my resume, please contact me. I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area and can work on site or remotely.


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